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Until Beryl’s novel is published, she keeps its title unknown and refers to it as a psychological thriller. “I plan for this novel to become the first of a series that will continue as long as I wish. In each novel, my hero will accept a new assignment that will offer the reader a learning opportunity, related to an ecological crisis. After I write a number of sequels in the series, I will have taken the reader around the globe. The journey begins with a psychological thriller that takes place in the United States. I bring readers to a city they have never meticulously looked at before, although most have traveled there many times.”

Why does Beryl write techno thrillers and not romance? “I marvel at romance writers, but I’m not one of them. Even a romantic passage is difficult for me to write. Also, having a specialized scientist for a husband has added a scientific slant to my thinking. I now share his concerns for the survival of life on or underneath this earth. Swimming in a sea of scientific information, I feel inspired to write about it, inside the framework of fiction.”

At this point, Beryl mentions Patricia Cornwell, one of her idols. “Ms. Cornwell writes about forensic medicine and crime and is quoted as saying, ‘It’s important to me to live in the world I write about.’ I believe that following this advice is essential, when one is composing realistic novels. If I want to write about the environment, I must first understand its current situation.”

When asked about her main character, Beryl replies, “Remember, I’m a surgeon’s daughter, and now I’m married to a scientist. The template for my hero comes from both these men.”

She laughs for a moment and then explains, “With my background, one might expect my subject matter to be glamorous. But it goes like this: Although my father enjoyed his seat as a judge for the Miss America Pageant; as a surgeon, his main contribution to humanity was saving lives. I want to follow his greater path. Writing about ecological concerns brings awareness that will improve or save the human condition.”

When we discuss Beryl’s paintings, shown in galleries around the United States, it makes one speculate that if she spends her time writing, will she no longer indulge in the creative endeavors of her past? “Oh, no!” she exclaims. “Those expressive outlets are not lost in vain. My creative side has a new voice, as it speaks through prose passages. Rather than paint an image with oils on canvas, I describe what I would paint.”

We converse over the importance of maintaining a healthy ecological environment, and Beryl explains, “People don’t give much thought to ecological matters. They load up their trash cans and have no idea where their garbage ends up or the problems it creates. They hear about environmental concerns on the news, but they don’t know the fine details. It’s really too bad, because if they did, they might change their habits.”

“Married to a scientist, I have learned many fascinating facts related to ecological and environmental matters. And although I’m anxious to blast them to the mainstream population in my novels, I must be patient. First, I spend months of preparation, verifying that my facts are concrete. Next, I create characters and a rough outline, staying true to my concept that an outline is a guide and not the final word. Finally, I begin my novel with the intention of writing a story that will transport the booklover to our real world.”


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